Matt Trego, San Francisco

We hired Sam for a small project installing an exterior door for our kitchen remodel. We originally got bids from and interviewed three people for this project. Of the three, Sam clearly stood out from the others because of his attention to detail and care that went into measuring and bidding the project. This was not a simple door install due to the fact that we’re in a 100 year-old building, and nothing in the kitchen is level, square, or plumb. He did such a professional job installing the door that we called him back to install our kitchen cabinets, and later all the door and window casings for the rest of our kitchen. Sam did an amazing job matching the window sill and door casings to other existing sills and casings throughout the rest of our house. Over the course of our kitchen remodel, Sam came by nearly a dozen times for various bids and actual work days. Not once was he even a minute late. In fact, he was usually a few minutes early. This was extremely important to us because over the duration of our kitchen remodel, we dealt with many contractors and sub-contractors, and not one of them exhibited the punctuality, professionalism, and overall friendliness that Sam showed. I have recommended Sam to a few friends since he has done work for us, and will continue to recommend him for anything from a small carpentry project, up to a full-blown remodel project.

Lynn Crawford and Ellen Leonard
, San Francisco
“No problems, only solutions.”
According to Sam Cutler, he inherited this saying from an uncle who was also in the construction business.  When he told us about his uncle’s saying, we were launching into a typical “one thing leads to another” project that we feared would only be one big headache.  Even though he came highly recommended, we hadn’t worked with him yet, so we didn’t know if he would contribute to the headache or to improvements.

But he has lived up to his uncle’s saying and more.  Not only is he skillful, reflective and reliable in his work process, he is also able to communicate well, with honesty, integrity, and calm.    In fact, he has been a pleasure to have around – not usually what one says while having workers tramp around your place.